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approximately 600 installations in almost all regions of the country


Austria and Switzerland

Below is a small selection of our projects:

Lifting floor projects

Rehabilitation Clinic, lnnichen, South Tyrol (ltaly) stainless steel lifting floor - Ehrenberg Adventure Pool , Austria (concrete lifting floor) - Mediterranean (private outdoor swimming pool with lifting floor and bridge) - Indoor pool Bad Oldesloe (concrete lifting floor 8 x 7.5 m) - Reichelsheim, GRP lifting floor, Municipality of Erding (stainless steel lifting floor with stainless steel side skirts 10 x 12.5 m)

BayArena Leverkusen:

Pool with movable floor at the BayArena stadium in Leverkusen

Private project at the Mediterranean:

The work has been completed; the project is ready for occupancy.
The lifting floor system is in operation.
One of the most beautiful private parks and residential facilities ever with a lifting floor has been built.
The hydraulically movable stairway was also designed and built by AFB.


If the large pool is not being used for swimming, the lifting floor can be raised and the pool area can be used as "waterless" zone. The terrace thus increases by the size of the pool area. If the lifting floor is submerged in the pool, a bridge runs over the pool to the other side of the terrace. This type of use is best achieved with a concrete lifting floor.

The "Allerwelle Sports and Leisure Pool in Gifhorn":

The 10 x 15-metre lifting floor is equipped with a fibreglass cover.

Secondary School in Lingen:

Training pool with lifting floor, 8 x 16.66 m

Sports pool in Dinslaken:

GRP lifting floor, pool size: 10 x 16 m, travel 0.00 - 1.80 m

All-year-round pool in Pegnitz:

GRP lifting floor, pool size: 10 x 10 m with wide access stairs made of stainless steel

Private project in Switzerland:

Elliptical outdoor pool with adjoining hot tub and movable bench, size 8 x 13 m


Concrete lifting floor 8 x 13 m with integrated round stainless steel steps, movable from 0.00 to 1.50 m Lippe Bad Lünen: pool size: 10 x 10 m, access stairs of stainless steel, lifting floor installation in liner pool

Lippe Bad Lünen:

pool size: 10 x 10 m, access stairs of stainless steel, lifting floor installation in liner pool

Patio swimming pools, right next to the living quarters:

The trend, especially for private swimming pools, is moving towards integrating the swimming pool into the residential area by being nearer. The installation of a concrete lifting floor, for example, in a swimming pool that is being built on the patio or on the penthouse terrace, is the ideal method to provide this.

AFB has therefore built its own demonstration project (see also Demonstration Project).